Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Dear Family and friends,

This past week was a great week for Elder Cluster and I here in the Tipton branch. 

Monday we had a barbecue with the Ranneys and Wasmens. The Wasmens are a family we are just starting to teach.  We had a great barbecue and awesome conversation.  They connected and went great together. 

Mennonite Sandwich from last week
Tuesday we went to the Nutrition place again. We pilled potatoes and help with the dishes. I love doing dishes since they have a large automatic dishwasher.  We then had awesome day in Otterville. We were able to contact a referral and the lady was nice and receptive. We got an appointment this coming week.  We also meet some other people. There was a couple that we met that is 7 day Adventist but are starting to question their church's beliefs. 

Wednesday we had district meeting and Oil change in Sedellia. We had a great time with the other Elders. On our way back we stop by Tiffany.  She was home and Cleaning out her car. We talked with her for a while. Turns out that her grandma is a member in the NewMark ward that I visited often. It was perfect timing for us. I love how that happens. We had dinner and correlation with the Snyders. 

Thursday we went to down south to Versailies. We got permission to leave the mission to see a recent convert. We went tracting. We went down a street; one of the houses had the remains of a yard sale but the people not there. One of the things was a weight set/ bench. Later in the evening we stop by again. They were home and real receptive to our message. The problem is they are moving out of the mission. They still wanted to sale the weight set, we bought in for real cheap $15. I'm glad that we have a larger car it all fit but not much more room.  We got home and talked to Jesse. He talked to us for a long time; he's going through a real hard time. We were home by 9:30 but didn't get inside until latter.

Friday we went to California but we had a hard time finding people that wanted to talk with us. The highlight of the day was dinner with the Wasmens. They had us over for dinner and lesson. It was an awesome meal. They have been reading everything we been giving them. They have tons of questions and want to learn more. We spent most of the night there with them. 

Saturday there was great weather here.  We had a great day of appointments all lined up but none of them worked out. We did meet with Brian, he's musician and an artist. We were eating at McDonald's and saw Justin. He was the one out of the mission.  We did talk to some people, turned out to be a good day.

Sunday, Church was good, the Wasmens came and the daughter also brought a friend. It was great that they came. Church went well. We showed the “Because He lives” video in Sunday school.  We also help out in primary and talked about Joseph Smith and his father and the faith they had. I love helping out in primary. We meet the Charles family here in the branch. The parents are both converts and we heard there conversion story. I love hearing peoples conversion stories. 

I hope you all have a great week. I hope you all have a great mothers day. 

Elder Allen. 

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