Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week was a great week for us.

Monday we went to Sedalia. Most of the Zone met at a member’s house. We played pool and there was also a ping-pong table. It was a super fun p-day. We had dinner with the Rannys. They have a son preparing to go on a mission. We got a couple of referrals from him.

Tuesday we started the day with Service. We went to the nutrition place where they feed the senior people in this town. We help out with the prep. We peeled 30 pounds of potatoes.   We spent the day in Otterville and Smithton. We had a great day and were able to see couple of less active members. There was an appreciation dinner for all the volunteers that help at the Nutrition place. The senior sisters and us were there plus some from the community. It was a great dinner; met some great people here in Tipton. We all walk away with a gift. I got a pot full of flowers. Elder Cluster got hot pads and mitt.

Wednesday we went tracting. We meet some Mennonites that were cleaning some houses. We met a lady that gave us a list of people that could use a visit.  We were able to talk with them. We had dinner with the Snyders. They live so far south in our branch so they feed us at the Church and had missionary correlation. 

Thursday was a very busy day. We had weekly planning and Studies. We then helped at the local blood drive. We helped hand out food and cookies to those that came in. Elder Cluster decided to give blood. It was his first time. We learned how they take the blood and what happens afterwards. It was a party in the Kitchen with all the members that show up to help. I got to sample all the Cookies that the members made for the Event.  We visited with Bro Taylor. We watch a Mormon message and it hit him real hard and he started to open up to us. It was a great day.  

Friday we had district meeting.  We had some surprise guests, the APs came to blitz with some of the missionaries. We went out to lunch as a group. We went to a BBQ place that is in a train. We had a great meal.  On our way out we learned that a member had paid for our lunch. It was great for the member to do that.  Elder Bitton came with us for the day. It was part of the Blitz the zone was doing. We had a great afternoon. We meet a preacher’s wife and before we left her place we had a couple of referrals. We had dinner with the Sernigens. We had wild turkey with potatoes and gravy.  It was an awesome day. 

Saturday we went down and visited the Hagstons. This week we took our car all the way down to their place. Their road is like off road driving. We had a great visit with the Kids.  We were able to see a couple of people that we don't often see. We drop off Elder Bittion at the Sedalia building.  We were able to meet with the Wasmens. They are having some health problems. She is allergic to some thing and having some bad reactions.  We also visited Grace in a nursing home. 

Sunday we had a potluck after the church block.  There was some awesome food.  We were able to meet with the Kimball’s and talk about the plan of salvation.  It was a great lesson.

I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for all you all do for me. 
Elder Benjamin Allen 

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