Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec. 30, 2013

Dear Family And Friends,

This week was an interesting week. Lots of things happened this week.

Monday was P-day and no one came to the Church building so it was just Elder Englund and myself playing Basketball and Writing letters.  We also had the house to our selves for the week since the Farnsworths went to see their family in Texas.

Tuesday was the day before Christmas and no one wanted to talk with us, they were to busy trying to get everything done. We tried lots of unknown people and lots of formers.

Wednesday was Christmas. The Sisters and us had breakfast with the Nelsons in the ward. Bro Nelson is our Ward Mission Leader.  After Breakfast we all were able to Skype our families.  It was great to be able to Skype my family including my brother Andrew. It was awesome to talk with my family and see the change that has taken place in everyone lives. We had Christmas dinner with the Dinning family. We went over and helped prepare all the food and things needed for dinner. Sister Dinning invited her boss named Shannah Over for dinner since she is here in St Joe without her family and friends.  It was an awesome dinner. After dinner we played games and talked about the bible and what it meant for Shannah and what it meant to us. We also had a snowball fight in the backyard. It was the Sisters and the Elders and the Dinnings Kids. It was lots of fun.

Thursday we met with Gene. He is a 93 year old man. We taught him about how he would receive his answer if the church was true. We were able to put him on baptismal date for the 18th of January.  He has 4 generations of his family living with him. We were able to see some people on the lists that were unknown. We had our first dinner with a member. We had it with the Burns. While we were eating the next-door neighbor had backed into our car. There is now a big dent in the rear passenger side.  He was nice enough to tell us and give us all of his information.  We then drove thought Krug Park. The city decorates it with tons of lights and you stay in your car and drive the route. It was fun, they have tons of unique light signs and statues.

Friday we were able to talk to some more people and we were able to teach Deebe about prophets and committed her to come to Church.  We taught Faith and Vero the second new member lesson. Today it got hotter and all the snow is melting.

Saturday we had to come to the library and fill out a report about the accident on Thursday. It took hours to fill in all the information and also fill it out on paper.  We did some service.

Sunday we had meetings starting at 7 for us which was early. We had Church at 9 and it was on Fasting and what we need to do while fasting.  We had one investigator come to church, which was Deebe.  Sister Dinning taught Gospel Principals and it was on Exaltation.  This ward is small and there aren't lot that come every week. If they would all come we could have another ward here in St Joe.   We meet with the bishop and reported on our week and received names of people to see.  We had dinner with the Dinnings again this week. They are a great family and so willing to help us Missionaries out.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and thanks for all the gifts. I love all of you and miss you all lots.

Elder Benjamin Allen

Monday, December 23, 2013

Dec 23, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been an interesting week.

Monday we went shopping. While we were driving we saw a large car accident with many cars. We went to Lee Summit to be with all of the other Elders and Sisters in the Stake. Everyone was there. It was fun.

Tuesday we went on exchanges with the other elders in the ward. I stayed in my area and had Elder Smith with me. We biked a lot and were able to see some people. We had dinner with the Strubs. While we were there we were talking about lots of deep doctrine since they are both history people. That evening we got the transfer calls. I learned that I was going to St Joseph 1st ward and serving with Elder Englund.  Elder Bittion is also leaving.

Wednesday we exchanged back in the morning. Elder Horne and I went biking lots so I could say good bye. We saw David R. and while we were there I got to ride in his electric wheel chair. It is tradition for the leaving Elders to do donuts in his chair.  We were able to see the Biggs. Sister Biggs just started to go back to work since she couldn't with the broken arm.  I was hard to say good-bye to everyone but I was excited to go serve in a different area.   I had lots to pack. I didn't realize that I have so much stuff.

Thursday we couldn't find a ride to transfers so we all piled in the Ford Fusion with Elder Bitton's and my stuff on our laps and in the trunk.  There was only like 25 Missionaries being transferred.  We all meet at the church building next to the Visitor Center. Elder Englund and his companion had a member named Angelo drive them down.  We picked up our mail and packages and all left for our new areas.  Angelo took us to Krispy Cream’s to get some donuts. They weren't hot :(  It took us about 2 hours to drive to our area. We live with members in the ward named the Farnsworth’s.  This ward also got some sisters. There is Sister Thompson and she is training a new sister named ? We took the car in to the ford shop to get the door handle fixed.  It took them hours to do that.  

Friday it started to get cold.  We had to take the purple ford in to get the oil changed.  We went to the Stuckets and used his hydraulic wood splitter and split wood for him. We split wood for them for like 2 hours.  We also had dinner with them.

Saturday it started to rain and that rain started to freeze.  We tired to see people but no one was home. We had the ward party that evening and when we arrived at the party they shut the cars down. The ward party was nice and lots of nice people. When we got home at 8 we played in the snow for some time. We had like 4 inches when we went in for the night.  That night it snowed like 5 more inches.

Sunday Church was canceled and we still couldn't drive. We were even told to stay home. We slept and watched the approved movies.

I am having Tons of fun here. I hope you all are doing well. I miss all of you and love you.

Elder Benjamin Allen

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dec 16, 2013

                                                                                                                        Dec 16, 2013
Dear Family and Friends,

We had an interesting week. We had lots to do this week.

Tuesday we talked to lots of people. We are still trying to meet every one in the ward and see all the less active people. We also were preparing for the Christmas mission conference.

Wednesday was the Christmas Mission conference. The whole mission was there, even all of the senior missionaries. We had training from President and Sister Keyes and from the APs. It was on using our time wisely and what to do after dark and what is good, better, and best. We also had Sister Keyes talk to us about making 72 hour kits. They have supplied part of the items need us to get the rest. We had lunch and then a whole mission picture. There were 10 rows with 30 about in each row. Salt Lake sent a Senior Sister missionary to take the picture. After the picture we had a musical program where each zone had time to perform something.  Our zone sang the primary song the Sheppard’s carol. We also had President Keyes read the book that he had written. It was an awesome day. 

Thursday we had weekly planning and then went and saw more people that were down in the bottom of our area.  We had dinner with the Wimmers. After dinner we went With Bro Gray to teach Shirley and Martino. We taught them about tithing and fasting. Martino had tons of questions and most of them were things that we usual don't teach since they are very deep subjects.  

Friday we had freezing rain. The office grounded the cars and we couldn't drive them until the ice had melted. The other Elders had dropped off stuff and were at our place when we received the call about the cars being shut down for the day. We just did our studies and walk to Bro Hamm to do some service for him. The sidewalks and road were very slick.   We were finally able to start to drive at 3pm. We meet with Shirley and Martino and went over the baptism interview questions. We also planned the baptismal program. Shirley wanted me to baptize her and to have Bro. Condie baptize Martino.

Saturday we had more freezing rain. We had the baptismal interview and it went well. We waited the rest of the day for the exterminator to come. He never came. We finally had to leave and fill the font. The baptism went well, we had lots of people come. The spirit was very Strong there. I baptized Shirley and it only took one dunk. It was awesome that I was  able to baptize Shirley.   After the baptism we had the ward party. It went great. We, the missionaries, help a lot preparing the tables and helping set up. We even had investigators come to dinner. After dinner the ward put on a talent show. It was funny. We even stayed and help clean up and clean the building for Sunday. 
Shirley and Martino Baptism

Shirley and Martino Family

Sunday Elder Horne conferred both Shirley and Martino. I was able to also stand in the circle for that. I even helped pass the sacrament. After Church We took Bebe with us to see Michael O. Bebe is from Nigeria and is from the same tribe as Michael and his wife. We had a great lesson with them. We had dinner with the Cunnighams and had cabbage ham soup. It was good. We then saw the Turks and some other people.

This week was interesting but great. It was awesome that we had a baptism. I love all you. I hope that all of you have a great Christmas.

Elder Benjamin Allen

Ps: Transfers is on this Thursday. We don't figure out who is leaving until Tuesday night.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec 9, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I am doing great here in Kansas City. Kansas City is all white with all the snow that we have gotten this weekend.  This morning we went to the Zoo and spent some time there. We saw lots of animals but not every animal was out. The weather here has been very cold.  It has been under 20 some days.

Last Monday we went to the Plaza and walk down the streets and look in some of the stores. The plaza has tons of lights everywhere. We had dinner with the Laseur family and had fried chicken. We then had a great lesson after dinner with them. 

Tuesday we walked and bus. We tried to see some unknowns that bishop gave us. We were able to talk to only one of them. We tracked some but no one wanted to talk since it was very cold. We were able to meet with David and help him pay his tithing for the first time. We also gave Bro Hamm a blessing since he was going to the hospital the next day. 

Wednesday we biked and biked. We meet with Patricia and she is from Mexico and lived for 4 years in Arizona. She went to church in Arizona and wants to attend here. We then went to the Biggs and meet with them to see how Sister Miller was doing quitting smoking. We were fed homemade banana bread.  We then bike more to help Sister Brooks set up her Christmas tree. We had dinner with Sister Gay at Sally's, a Mexican food place. After dinner we meet with the Scott's they are both blind and are converts to the church.  They don't come as often since it is hard for them to make it to church. They can talk with you about movies for hours. They have seen tons of new movies.

Thursday we biked even more. We tried more unknowns in a different area and at one of the houses we didn't find him home but did talk to his next-door neighbor and she told us that she was looking for a church to take her family too.  We had dinner with the Sloops and had KFC. After dinner we went to see Alex with Bro Olsen and we taught her the word of wisdom and the Law of Chastity. She accepted to follow them.

Friday we had Zone training. It was on how to communicate to the ward better. We also were given instructions on what to do when there is snow and ice on the roads. We went out for lunch at Wendy's. After that we went on Exchanges with the zone leaders. Elder Christensen and I stayed in this ward and Elder Horne went with Elder Stevens to Blue Springs. We tracked a lot but no one was interested.  We helped Sister Gallardo program her new remote for her TV. We had dinner with Sister Pitt and Marlow and had home made pizza. We also gave Sister Marlow a blessing.  After that we stop by Bro Hamm's to see how he was doing. We help him sweep and go through mail that he had gotten.

Saturday we exchanged back after ward correlation. We taught Shirley and Martino more about baptism since I hope that they will be baptized this next Saturday. We had dinner with Sister Simmontons and she told us all about her car problems. She feed us meat loaf and green beans. After dinner we all 4 went to see Brother Smith. He lives very close to Sister Simmontons.  He told us his life story and about all the health problems he is going through.

Sunday we woke up to find it snowing. We went to church and only had 2 investigators there. After church Bro Ramirez took us to see Particia. We read with her and taught her about the restoration. Bro Ramirez had to translate part of it for her.   We had dinner with Bishop and his family. We had fresh salmon from Alaska. We then watched the Christmas Devotional with them. I enjoyed it.   It was awesome to watch.

I am still doing great here. I am enjoying the weather and the snow. I hope you are all safe and doing well this Christmas season. Thanks for the tree and the decoration. Thanks for the letters. I love you all.

Elder Benjamin Allen

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec 1, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

Elder Horne and I had an interesting week.

Monday was the mission cleaning day. Everyone had to deep clean the apartments. We couldn't go and play sports or go anywhere accept for shopping. We had dinner with the Laseur Family. Brother Laseur is a member that hasn't been active for years.  His wife wants to learn more and then sometime get baptized so they can go to the Temple together.

Tuesday we went to the Biggs.  At that house there are 4 generations living in the one house. The great grandmother, Sister Biggs and Sister Miller, her daughter, are members. The rest of the family is not members.  We are helping Sister Biggs get ready to go to the temple. We were finally able to meet with Alex. She has been sick and just not here in the ward. She finally got an apartment in the ward. We were able to take Nieem with us. We taught her part of the commandments. It worked out that when we dropped Nieem off where the other Elders were being picked up for dinner. We had meat loaf for dinner. After dinner we were able to get in with Brother Pond. He is a less active member and his wife wants to know more just doesn't want to be baptized yet.

Wednesday not a lot of people wanted to talk with us. They were all busy preparing for Thanksgiving.   We went to see David and help him with some of his questions from the Book of Mormon. We are now teaching Lela and Brother Wright.  She was Muslim and is living with a less active member. She wants to learn more and help Brother Wright come back to church. It is a little hard to teach her with no previous knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Thursday Thanksgiving!!   We did studies in the morning and weekly planning.  At about 12, we went to Michael’s. He is from Nigeria and meet with sister missionaries from the Liberty jail. After teaching him the restoration and him knowing all of what we were teaching him, we went the Webster’s. They had invited us over for Thanksgiving lunch. The food there was great. I ate lots. After the Webster’s we went to Bro Graham’s.  It was like 3 that we had dinner there. He wanted missionaries to come over for dinner since it was a tradition. It was also his first Thanksgiving with out his wife. The food there was good also. I tried not to eat as much. We left with lots of food for leftovers. After dinner we went home and took naps since we couldn't do much. No one wanted to meet with us.

Friday we had a training conference call. President Keyes and the APs taught us what to do during winter and what to do after dark. We then went to see Martha, she told us her life story. She is planning on moving to a different state this next year. We went tracking and found some new people to teach. We had dinner with Sister Gay. She had family over that were not members and we talked with them about the gospel and their experiences with missionaries and the church.

Saturday we tried to see some less actives and most of them were moved. That afternoon we had a ward get together at the Webster’s. Not a lot came. We had a big bond fire; Elder Horne and I were in charge of that. We had lots of barbecue and snores. The leftovers were sent with us. We have a ton of meat now. We then taught Sister Biggs and Sister Miller the New member lesson 1. It went great they had made us pumpkin roll and chocolate gravy.

Sunday we had church and it was fast and testimony meeting. We had some interesting testimonies. After sacrament meeting we met Sister Reid and her daughter and soon to be Son in law. Brother Andy Reid is the Coach for the Chiefs. He lives in the ward and attends when he can. We had to relay a message to her about a player that is meeting with missionaries. We taught sharing time in primary. It was on thankfulness and how we need to be thankful for all. After Church we meet with Michael again and he gave us a 2 letter of coke because it is custom to give coke to a guest. After that we meet with the Barkers. They build Guitars for a living. Their shop has lots of cool tools.  We had dinner with the Ramirezs. After dinner we were trying to meet with members before our 8:30 appointment with Bro Potter. Bishop wants us to meet with him and teach him and review with him so he can go to the temple.

We had a great week and next we don't have the car and are going to bike tons. I love you all and hope you are doing great. Thanks for the letters.

Elder Benjamin Allen