Monday, May 25, 2015

May 25, 2015

Dear Family and friends,

This past week was a great week for us here in the Missouri Independence Mission.  Still lots of rain and mud.

Monday we meet with Jackie.  She is a lady that we found last week. She talked us for a while and confessed that last week she told us that she had called herself an atheist so we would leave. It didn't work.  We still talked to her and even came back and gave her a Book of Mormon. She is really Christian and enjoys when we come over and talk about Christ. 

Tuesday we had dinner with Andy and Amanda. They are a couple that we meet with a couple of weeks ago. They are the ones that invited a couple, which they are friends with. It turns out that he is there minister at the southern Baptist church. They feed us an awesome meal. This time we just invited them to read the Book of Mormon. We also got transfer calls and Elder Cluster will be going to Independence.

Wednesday we prepared for transfers. Elder Cluster packed and we went around saying good bye to people.
Elder Cluster and Elder Allen

Thursday we went to transfers. There were so many missionaries at the transfer meeting. I think it was the largest that I have been to. My new companion is Elder Rodgers. He is from Portland, Oregon.  We also got our tiwi unit replaced. It now works properly.  We had a great meeting with the senior sisters.

Friday we went to California. We had a great day finding people. We talked to a few people that were home that aren't usually home then. We also walked around the park that is almost a lake.  We also meet with Adam; he was having a large bon fire.  They were burning their shed.

Saturday we drove past the Rayls place and they were outside doing yard work. We stop and help.  Spent most of the afternoon with them. It was a great bonding time for us.  We also meet with Shawn. I was able to leave him with a movie to watch later.

Sunday we had the potluck after church.  We also help in primary again and talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  It was a great, lots of good food. We had a great meeting with Maxine and have an appointment to come back and do some gardening with her.

The branch is doing good. We are trying to get our investigators to progress. The problem is they are just so busy. I think it is Satan trying to slow down the missionary work.

Thanks for all you do. Have a great week.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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