Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

Dear family and friends,

This past week was a good week for us. It is very muddy here in Missouri with all the rain we have gotten.  

Monday, All the missionaries in the zone met up to spend some time together. We tried to go bowling but wasn't open. We did go to the Beards and played some pool. 

Tuesday we went to Otterville. We did some service with Brother Parker. We help him with cutting down some trees. Brother Parker is a beekeeper. We got all suited up and help him open some beehives and inspect them. Didn't get any pictures but was super fun. In the evening we saw John and read some form the Book of Mormon with him. We also meet with Kittery and her husband. They are nice and willing to study about our church. 

Wednesday we spent the day in Tiption. We were trying a person close to our house. On our way there we had this man yell at us to come back. It turns out to be a less active that recognized us. He just moved in and was surprised to see us. I hope we will be able to help him become active again. We also were tracting and met a couple that seems interested; it was the last house we knocked on before dinner. We also visited Makalalha she wasn't home so we talked with everyone else there. They have a new person renting the basement. We got to talk to her and talk about Missionary work and what we do. Then a family, the Hagstons, stop by. We have been working to help them to become active. It was great timing.  

Thursday we went down to the bottom of our area. We spent the day with Justin and tried to visit a whole bunch of people with him. It was great to be able to use him. 

Friday we had Zone training. It was good, lots of good things taught. We went to another good BBQ place. We also went on exchanges. I went with Elder Arnison to Carrollton. We had a good afternoon there. We walked the whole evening and talked to a few interested people. The town is super small that you can be anywhere in less than 15 minutes. It is their biggest town to work in. 

Saturday we exchanged back and went down to Versailles. It rained most of the trip. We did get to do some finding and found a guy named Matt. We meet with Shawn and talk about how people can over come smoking with the Lord.  We stop by Celo and Wades and they were finishing moving out and were able to help a little bit. Sad that they are moving out of the area. 

Sunday was Mothers day!! Church was all about mothers. We got to Skype home which was supper fun.  We stop by the Wasmens and they were having dinner. We stayed and answered tons of Questions plus talked about the priesthood and where we got it. Super awesome because we both had our line of Authority and used them. 

Thanks for being awesome! Have a great week. 

Love, Elder Benjamin Allen

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