Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week was a very spiritual week for us here in Tipton. 

Tuesday we went to the Temple with Brother Allain. We were able to do two sessions. It took most of the day driving and being there. I'm grateful for how close we live from the Mesa Temple.  We had dinner with the Parkers. They shared with us how they are sharing the gospel with their family. 
Elder Rogers and Elder Allen

Wednesday we did service for this old lady name Maxine.  She had us pull weeds and old flowers.  She is a sweet lady. She invited us to come with her and her son to Bobbios. It was a pizza buffet here in Tipton.  We also help at the nutrition Center; we clean the floor and help clean up for the day.  We were able to have dinner with Maxine. The pizza was awesome and great bonding time with them.  All the missionaries were pulled in close to the mission office. We sleep over with the Blue Springs Elders. 

Thursday was a great mission conference. We had Elder Clark and Brother Davidson come to train us with digital devices. We didn't get the I pads yet. Elder Clark was awesome. He gave us tons of advice for after the mission.  They said that these I pads are going to help us become better with all technology. It will help us be more effective after the mission. Elder Clark said that the greatest filter is our heart.  It is tons better that any filter or setting they can put on the I pads.  Elder Clark did most of the day’s trainings. I love going to missionary conferences.

Friday we caught up with all the stuff we didn't do earlier in the week.  We had weekly planning. We then went to California. We were able to find a couple of people. We gave them Books of Mormon.  For our dinnertime we played Frisbee golf at the park.  We also visited Brother Hubbard, we learned about his reactivation story. We were able to share a scripture to encourage him.

Saturday there was a Tipton wide yard sale.  We walked around and talked to the people selling things and everyone else. We also went to Versailles. We visited the Rayls. It was a interesting visit because their son Zaden was have tons of little seizures.

Sunday we had the opportunity to bless the sacrament. We also taught about the priesthood. Brother Hubard's wife that isn't a member was there. We were able to help her understand the priesthood.  We also went to California. We visited a couple of members in the middle of no where. We drove on some pretty roads. We also did some more finding and contacting referrals.

It was a great week. I hope you all had a great week. Thanks for all you do for me and the other missionaries.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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