Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
This past week has been an interesting week.
Monday we went to Paolla. We meet up with most of the other missionaries in the zone. We had a great time. There was a lady that brought tons of expired food that the store can't sell and gave it to all of us. We were able to meet the Adams they live in Colony and we were passing through so we stop and met them. They are a nice part member family.
Tuesday we meet with the Shaws, we show everyone there the Easter video. I could almost quote the words in it by now. We also played bingo with the old people.  They were more active with it being warmer. We meet with Sister Wright and Tina.  We read Ether 12; it was a great chapter for this season. We also watched the Easter video.  We had dinner with the Gurnesys. We got the Transfer call real late informing us that I was going to Hill Park this transfer.
Elder Tolman and Elder Allen
Wednesday we said goodbye to tons of people and did some packing. It was hard trying to pack it all and deciding what to leave.  We visited Bishop and Tye. Tye had just broken his arm and had to stay home.  We had dinner with the Fawesons. We made the drive to Paola again. We stay at Louisburg place.  We help Elder Verkler pack so he could go back to his place with his new companion.
Thursday was transfers.  My new companion is Elder Fastje. He is from Tucson, Az.  We are serving in the Hill Park ward. I think it is the smallest (area) ward in the mission. It is real close to the Visitor Center and the Mission office.  We had a great afternoon together. We had a bible study at an apartment complex.  There was Sorjio and his niece that came. We talked about the love God has for us and that we are Children of God. Today I also meet the Seamens, they are from Taylor, Az. They were so excited to meet me and talk about all the people they know up in Snowflake and Taylor.
Friday we meet a couple of Palestinians. There are lots here in Independence.  We had some great lessons. It is awesome not having to drive lots. We just will have to bike for part of the month. We went to the Visitor Center with a recent convert named Cecilla. We listen to the Ap's talk about conference and the Prophet and apostles. It was awesome to be able to take people to these activities at the VC.
Saturday we watched conference. We watch the first session at the VC with Kim. Kim is an investigator that we have that is real close friends with Cecilia. It was awesome to be able to watch it there with tons of missionaries. Between the sessions we contacted some referrals. Before the priesthood session we help a lady move all of their stuff into a truck. It was us and a couple of people from the ward. It was my first time moving some one in a white shirt and tie.  The priesthood session was awesome.
Sunday we watch the last two sessions. There was a family that feed all the Elders. They have been doing it for over 20 years. They had tons of food and were so great to us. We didn't have anyone come to any sessions but Kim. We even watch one at the Olsen's. It reminded me of watching it at home.  We had dinner with the Stephenson.  We had some great meatball sandwiches.
It was an awesome week for us. I hope you all have a great week. I hope you all had a great conference time. Thanks for all you do.
Elder Benjamin Allen

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