Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Dear Family and friends,

This last week was a very interesting week. To make it even better I had to pack again. 

Monday was a great p-day here in Independence. We played morning sports with most of the Visitor Center Sisters real early in the morning.  We also played tons of volleyball with all the Elders. It was awesome to be able to have tons of other missionaries to do things with. In the evening we moved an investigator Kim. She moved out of a very bad apartment living situation to one of the Apartments a member owns. It was the bishope and us that moved her. It turns out that the Cops raided the compound that she used to live in later that night. They had found a couple convicts and people hiding from the law. It was a blessing that she had moved when she did. 
Elder Fastje and Elder Allen
Tuesday we got a call from the Aps, they asked me to pack since they were going to emergency transfer me. They didn't share any more information with us. We canceled all of our plans and packed. It turns out that I need to go to Tipton. An Elder had gotten sick and need to be closer to the hospital/ doctor. My new companion is Elder Cluster. We didn't get back to Tipton until 10 pm.  

Wednesday was a great day in Tipton! We visited lots of the Investigators and less actives. These missionaries hadn't been here for a whole week.  We had a great lesson with the Waspmens. They know some about the church plus have lots of contact with the church. They told us about their jobs with the prison. They asked us for Books of Mormon before we had a chance to give them one. 
Elder Allen and Elder Cluster at water tower

Thursday we drove back to Independence.  We had the Special car conference. They installed the Tiwi devices into our cars. We had a great Zone conference while they did that. It was an awesome conference. We watched a talk that President Uchtdorf gave to the mission presidents. It was an awesome talk taking on Peter before and after the resurrection. The Tiwi they installed in our car didn't work properly. We couldn't log in to drive. It yelled at us for the whole drive home plus the next day. 

Friday we went to California to spend the day.  We visited a less active named Spencer W. Kimble. We also visited a couple of other people. In the evening we meet with Andy and Amanda. They had invited a couple of their friends. We had a great lesson with the 4 and they want us back again. Tipton is a great area. 

Saturday we went to the bottom of our area to visit some people. Brother Davis took us to see the Hagstons. They live in the middle of nowhere on a very bad road. We did survive the drive.  We also went and talk to the people at the flea market. Didn't find anything missionary like things to buy. We did talk to a ton of people. We had dinner at McDonalds. We found that an investigator there. We ate dinner with her and talked with her. It was a great day in Versailles.

Sunday we meet with the Branch. It was great, tons of nice members. We did have tons of visitors. We got to teach the gospel principles class. There is set of Senior Sisters that are here to also help the branch.  We had dinner with the Pattons. They are the closes members to us and the building and they still live outside the town on a long dirt road. They raise pigs and other farm animals. 

I hope you all have a great week. Thanks for all the Emails. I am once again in the boonies but that okay. 

Elder Benjamin Allen

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