Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This last week was a great week for us. 

Monday we spent the day in Iola. We played a couple rounds of Frisbee golf at the new course in Iola. The Sisters also came and played with us. After dinner we went to the Shaws. We taught Beth and Jeff about the Priesthood.  We were able to use the Priesthood and give Beth a blessing for her pregnancy. 

Tuesday we went to bingo like we do every week. The people there were so excited to play. We also meet with Sister Wright and Tina. We couldn't find a male to come with us so we sat outside and talk about Repentance. While we were meeting with them AJ came by. It was great to be able to talk with him. He brought his dog, Jeep.  When he was about ready to leave the dog didn't want to. He was curled up around my feet. I think it got attached to me with us coming by every week. 

Wednesday was district meeting. Before that, we were doing studies in the building since our appointment didn't work out. District meeting was great, the zone leaders and another missionary did a surprise visit. We were talked about ways to use the new Easter video. It is a great video. We also did service with Mason. We help him clean out a room for a new roommate to move in. We had the dumpster fill so high with there being tons of trash already in it.  We also visited Scott, we read Moroni 8 with him to resolve some of his concerns. 

Thursday we went to Stark!  We visited with Mr. Ford and Sister Isom. It was cool to see Sister Isom being able to walk again after a surgery. In the evening we taught Eli, he is one of the youth in the ward that we are teaching the lessons to. It was awesome to be able to teach him plus practice our teaching skills.  

Elder Allen, Elder Tolman, Jeff and Beth Dayberry, Sister Bressler, Sister Olson, and Sister Coats

Friday we meet with Percy, while we were meeting with him, he introduced us to his brother Matt. Matt just lost his wife and I hope we will be able to teach him the plan of salvation.  We also went to the library and watched the new Easter video again. We put it on a disk so we could show it to everyone that doesn't have access to the Internet.  While we were tracting we ran into a lady that has Mormon friends but didn't want to talk with us at the moment. It was nice to be able to give her a card to watch the Easter movie.  We visited the Pass family and it was just the parents so we were able to talk without much distractions. 

Saturday was a busy day for us. We visited the Hannons. As we were leaving he told us that we must have been inspired to stop by when we did.  We also visited the Akins. We show them the Easter video. I love watching it. 

Sunday we filled the Font for a baptism. We had hot water heater problems. We did get it filled with hot water. The baptism went great. It was Beth and Jeff’s baptism. There was a great turnout with members. Church was awesome busy day with fast Sunday and 5th Sunday and the baptism. We had dinner with Bishop and his family. We also went to the Yates center. The road to the town was closed for bridge repairs, we took the back road it was a fun drive. 

I hope you have a great week. Thanks for the letters and the support. 

Elder Benjamin Allen

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