Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
This last week was a great week for us.
Monday was awesome weather so we played a round of Frisbee golf at the local park. We had dinner with the Wrights. A whole bunch of their kids plus grandkids were there.  It was an awesome pday.
Tuesday: It was a busy day.  We went to the Funeral of Myra. There tons of people we knew and interacted with here in town. I'm glad that we went because we were able to comfort them and help out. We were planning on going to bingo but they canceled it. It made it possible for us to stay and talk with tons of people and have lunch. I think it cool to see how things work out for the best. The Lord is awesome with making things work for the best.
Wednesday was interviews! We woke up real early to get to the Paola building. We had car inspections, we had washed the car but by time it was inspected it had tons of dirt and bug guts on it. Interviews with President and Sister Vest were great. We also had Zone training from our Zone leaders. It was lots on how to find better. We are always looking for better ways. I think the Best is working with the members and have them do missionary work. We went out with Brother Taylor in the evening. We were able to meet with Scott and talk about the Book of Mormon.
Thursday: Brother Snyder took us to the Compost part of the landfill. We drop of the leaves that we raked up around the house. It was a fun adventure. We also had weekly planning. We had dinner with the Snyder’s. Afterwards we went to the Pass family. We talked about everything going on. We committed them to do the 12 step addiction recovery program with them.  We also saw James. It was an interesting visit because he had some friend over that we didn't know that were weird. We made it out safe so I’m glad.
Friday we had our plumbing stop working. The whole plumbing backed up. We went to the church early to use their restrooms. With us being early we help the Greenwalls clean the Church with the Sisters. We also met with Bishop and talked about the missionary work here. It was awesome to be able to ask him questions about members. We met with the Tolands again and Sister Greenwall went with us. She is friends with them. We talked about the Book of Mormon with them and about Nephi and his challenges in life. The Gurnseys were awesome and let us use their showers.
Saturday we had the Temple trip.  It was awesome! We drove up with the ward in the Faweson’s 15-passenger van. While we were there I saw bishop Barzee. He informed us that New Mark is getting spit again and the Smithville lake branch is getting formed.  I also saw a couple of members from KC 1st ward. It was awesome to see them.  We had dinner with the Hannons and had baby back ribs. We them went with the Gurensys to help the Andersons move in. The guy that was moving out hadn't finished moving out. We help him finish getting everything out.  The moving truck didn't get there. So we didn't help them move in.
Sunday we had church plus a linger longer. It was good. In the linger longer they showed the ward all the new apps and features on the website.  We had dinner with the Taylors. After dinner we visited Mason. He told us more of his weird stories plus that he joined a motorcycle gang.  We also were finally able to find Nate home with his wife. We were able to talk about the Book of Mormon.
Thanks for all you do for me and all the other missionaries. I hope you all have a great week.
Elder Benjamin Allen

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