Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This last week was a good week for Elder Tolman and I.

Monday we drove up to Paolla to spend the day with the zone. Most of the zone was there. It's always fun to meet all the new missionaries.  We had dinner with Brother Robinson, it was the first time that he has feed the missionaries. He is doing a great job at trying to share the gospel.

Tuesday we went on exchanges. I stayed in this area and Elder Forsyth came from the other companionship. We had a busy day with Service at the Assisted living place. We also meet with Tina and Sister Wright.  We read and talked about the be attitudes that Jesus taught. We also had dinner with the Wrights. While we were there, I got to hold Lucy, the bird.  We also found out that a cat was living under our house. We scared him out and closed the opening. 

Lucy the bird
Wednesday we had district meeting.  We went to La Harpe, the people we wanted to try didn't answer their doors. We did have a good day out there. We were able to talk to a few people.   We went by the Shaws and found out that their house was on fire earlier that day. We were able to comfort them and help to reassure them. We had dinner with the Lee's. It was our first time and I hope we left a good impression.  The Patton's gave us a referral to see Bogden. We were able to meet him and share the Book of Mormon with him. It is awesome how the examples of members help lots with missionary work. 

Thursday we had a busy afternoon. We help the Shaws move out of their old burnt house into a small rental. They are downsizing houses so it was hard for them to decide what to take and what not too.  We also did weekly planning.  We had dinner with the Pattons. Almost this whole week's of dinners have been by the Pattons extended family.   We shared Lehi's vision of the Tree of Life. How he was wanting to share it with his family. That should be our desire with the Gospel. 

Friday we went up to Iola to try to meet with a couple of people. Those plans didn't work out but we were able to talk to other people. We were able to talk to Brother Greenwall. He took us to the Cemetery to see a couple things. He thinks it's funny to take the missionaries picture next to the dead end sign. We had dinner with the Hannons. They were so excited to inform us that they had invited people over next week for us to teach. We meet with Mark and we brought Brother Snyder over to see if we would be able to teach more. That didn't work, Mark still told us tons of stories. 

Saturday it started to snow. It was bad so we weren't able to do much. We did have dinner with the Gurensys. After dinner we played some games with them since the Ward activity was cancelled with the amount of snowfall. Even church was cancelled that evening. I also help them with tightening all the table and chair legs.  

Sunday was also a day with not much done. Even more snow and then melting of it. We were able to try some people. Most of them didn't want to talk or wanted us to come some other time.

Thanks for all the letters and emails. I hope you have a great week. Be safe and enjoy the better weather. 

Elder Benjamin Allen 

Largest Gas Can

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