Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
This last week was a good week for us.
Monday was my birthday and we had snow here. It was real bad in the morning. There wasn't much for us to do when it was so bad outside.
Tuesday we had a meeting with Bro Snyder and we read the Chapter on how Nephi broke the Bow and what he had to do to fix the problem. We also had lunch with Brother Greenwall. He wanted to feed us but evenings are to busy for him. It was awesome to get his insight in how to help some of the people in Iola. We had our Bingo with the Old People. We also meet with Tina and Sister Wright, we brought Carl with us since the males we usually have couldn't come. It was a great experience for him.  We also had dinner with the Hannons. While we had our appointment with at Sister Wright’s there was tons of snow that just came in a short time.  We got transfers calls real late. Elder Hansen was to go to Flemming Park. I would get Elder Tolman.
Wednesday was packing and sick day.  Elder Hansen got all of his stuff pack.  I got a stomach flu so we weren't leaving the house much.  It wasn't fun.    We spent the night with the Zone leaders in Spring Hill.
Thursday was transfers. We drove all the way to Independence. Transfer meeting is a great time. We get to see all the Missionaries that we know and chat with them. I love going to transfers. I get to see all the missionaries and the office staff. We had a full load on our way back.  We had the Mound City Elder also with us. It was almost evening when we got back.  The funny thing is I already know Elder Tolman.  He was in the Platte City Ward when I was in New Mark. We even went on exchanges.
Friday we met a member that lives in Buffalo. She had just gotten bad news so I hope us stopping by was good for her. Shows her that the Church is still there for her. We had dinner with the Harts. It was their first time in years since they weren't active for a long time. They are loving being back in the Church.  We also meet with Mark, we read the intro with him.
Saturday we tried to find Percy but couldn't find him at home or with his friends. He just walks up to us when we were getting out of our car in the evening. We also read with all the non members and Investigators living in the Shaw’s place. We were able to tract since it was like 50's outside. No one wanted to speak with us, too busy doing things.
Sunday we had church and our meetings.  Sister Olsen (one of the Sisters) gave a talk on Charity.  We had Rj that came. It was great. We had a good evening. We did a little driving trying to see people in out skirting towns. Overall it was a good evening.
Thanks for all the letters. I hope you all have a great week.
Elder Benjamin Allen

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