Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was another crazy week of weather.
Monday we spent the day in Paolla with the other missionaries in the Zone. We had dinner at McDonald. When I was about ready to pay, the Manger came up and asked if I would give the Guy behind me a hug. Turns out to be my companion. He gave us both free dinners for participating in the game.  We saw Joy Allen and our investigator Rj was there so we were able to go in and teach.
Tuesday we did some tracting. We meet a guy named Jerry. He is blind and real nice. We saw his brail copy of the Bible. It was 5 huge books.   We had our weekly bingo with the Old people. They were so funny with us being early. We also meet with Sister Wright and Tina. We read out of the Book of Mormon with them and it turns out what one of them needed that day.
Wednesday was bitterly cold. No one wanted to talk with us with it being so cold. We had planned to go up to Iola for the day.  When we started to leave for Iola the snow started to come down.  We made it there safe and meet with a couple of people.  We had dinner with our ward mission leader and his family.  We then saw the Edwards. They had gone down again to Oklahoma. They were shocked to see the snow.  They just had gotten a jeep and have crazy stories of what they have done.
Thursday we held weekly planning. It went good, most of our investigators are struggling to keep all their commitments.  We are running out of things to do to help them keep them. We went out with Brother Hart in the evening. He lives in a town that doesn't have many people. We went to the McGuires. She told us about her conversion story and we talked about how it has blessed their lives.  
Friday was Zone training. We had to wake up earlier to make it there on time.  It was focused on how to become smarter working missionaries. We also talked about how some of the people we find are interested in listening to us but aren't willing to keep their commitments. We need to focus on those prepared for baptism. After our drive back we meet with Mason. We watched even more Mormon messages with him.  We had dinner with the Stolls. They are very old but still up and going. They have tons of great advice. We meet with Mark and Michelle again taught them the restoration. It went good just he always had a story to tell after all the Questions we asked him.
Saturday we had a busy day. We meet with Carl and Kim.  Carl had broken a rib when he fell this week.  They are doing good though. We also taught the Pass families about the sealing power and the blessing of the Temple.  We also talk to these two ladies sitting on their porch. They weren't interested but had a couple questions about the Church. 
Sunday on our drive to Church our car began to shake real bad when going highway speeds. We had an awesome sacrament meeting.  We had speakers speak on the Sacrament and how to prepare for it.  They spoke the things that we wanted to teach some less actives but didn't know how to go about doing that. There was also Bishop's youth discussion after church. We were invited to attend, there was food plus the topic was education and goals/ dreams.  We meet with Nate McKenny and his wife. We were able to commit them to read the Book of Mormon,
Over all this week was good just still struggling to find investigators that will progress.  I hope you all have a great week.  Thanks for all the Support.
Elder Benjamin Allen

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