Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,
Elder Hansen and I had a great week.
This week was a usual week for us. We did lots of finding, trying to get more people to teach.

We had bingo and the old people were excited to see us since they haven't done much with most of the patients being sick.
We had district meeting. The topic for this week was talking to everyone that we meet or pass and inviting them to learn more.  We did role-plays with us being at taco bell.  We went to El Charro a Mexican restaurant. The guy being our waiter brought out 6 plates of food on his left arm.  In the evening the ward had their pine wood derby race. It was fun to see some of the cars these boys made.
We saw Mr. Ford. He is our 91-year-old investigator. We watched the Restoration Video with Him.  He always has stories to tell us. He has tons of miniature Airplanes that he has built and flown. He lives in a town called Stark. There is only 3 active building in the town, two churches and a bank. There is like 10 people living in this tiny town.
We read with RJ this week. It was him plus the sister’s investigators. The Shaws weren't there so there were fewer things to distract. We read the tree of life with them. We are struggling with him to keep his commitments and be fully committed and engaged.
We were able to find Brother Akins home. He is supper nice and I believe he would come if his job allowed it. He gave us 4 referrals to see family and friends. While we were trying to find one of the referrals, we meet a man that had us come over. He had see us around before and been to Utah. He told us about all of his neighbors. I love it when someone knows his neighbors. Most people don't.
We went to a new restaurant called Nu-grill here in Chanute. We went with the Adairs. It was good, we recognized some of the cars and people they had on the walls. They went out with us to see the Hannons and to teach them the last new member lesson. It was great we were able to talk about temples and about eternal families.
We meet with Mark again. We just stop by and he and his wife were there plus a Friend. Mark had looked at the Book of Mormon and read part of it. We were able to answer his question. His friend also became an investigator when Mark was on the Phone. She has been through some rough times. She said she would be back over next week and would read the Book of Mormon.
We also saw the Pass family. We read with them out of Moroni 6 where is talks about church and the purpose. Satan is trying to keep them from coming by keeping them busy with tons of good things.
It rained almost all of Saturday and part of Sunday. When Church was about to start the rain turned into snow. By the end of the night it was 16. Sunday night was a rough night for us. The super bowl was on and it was freezing outside. 
I hope you all had a great super bowl Sunday. Thanks for the letters and the support. Have a great week.
Elder Benjamin Allen

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