Thursday, August 8, 2013

July 5, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

It is Friday the 5th of July, last Friday at the MTC !!  Last night we had a 4th of July devotional.  We listened to one of the Branch Presidents. It was Bro Luncey, he told us his story of his son in law and the service he did for the country.  He ended up giving his life for our country.  He also told us about how the mind of captain was changed when then sent his best friend, another pilot, to escort him home. This best friend was given his belongings and a wedding ring that they didn't know if it was his.  This change of heart was because of the blessing the soldier received before leaving the states and, it was that his wife would get his wedding ring back if he would die in the war serving the country. After that we as the whole MTC got to watch a movie, The 17 Miracles.  It was a great movie. Most of the sisters were crying at the end.  After that we watched fireworks but we had to stay inside the fenced area :( 

I am still the District leader, I get the opportunity to get the mail every day like 2 time or more. There is a lot of mail for the district.  I get to conduct every meeting by call on people to pray and which song we are going to sing.  I became the district leader because I leave one day later than most of the other Elders and Sisters in the district. We got the traveling paper work and the Missionaries going with Andrew leave Tuesday morning at 3am. He is the travel leader for that group. There are 16 missionaries going together to the mission field.  There are 23 missionaries going with me to my mission on Wednesday morning.  I am the travel leader, we leave at 5am. We fly straight to Kansas City

We have two teachers for our district Bro Tunner and Bro Wynn.  We all got Progressing investigator and Elder Hudson and I teach Brian.  We have taught him 4 times now. He is doing great he has a baptism date for the 3rd of next month.  We also taught Junici in TRC and that didn't go well, he just wanted to visit with us and not learn anything about the Gospel.

Last Wednesday, Our zone got 21 new missionaries. Our fast and testimony meeting is going to be very large.  There will be 34 missionaries and the branch presidency with their wife's.

We as a District have had lots of classes to attended this week and lots of study time. We attended Infield orientation yesterday.  Learned lots there and felt the Holy Ghost very strong.  The food here is great. I am trying not to eat too much.  Thanks Mom for the package of cinnamon rolls they were great. We have a microwave next door so we heated them up to eat. I did split them with Andrew. I am loving the MTC and my testimony is growing and learning how to teach better.  I know that this is what the Lord is wanting me to do. Thank you all for the letters and the emails.  I love You all and miss you.
Elder Benjamin Allen

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