Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I am doing great here. The weather has been good it has been sunny but not to hot.  This week has been busy.  President Keyes allowed us to go to Lelia's funeral. It was a good funeral. Lots of people came, lots came form the ward and lots from the parent’s ward in Cameron. I learned lots of great things about her that I didn't know about her. We also had zone training and it lasted for almost 5 hours. We learned that there is no suit season that we don't have to wear them from October General conference to April general conference. We only need to wear them to go to church and interviews and meetings and for night appointments in the winter months.

Labrenda isn't doing OK. We haven't seen her in two weeks. This week she canceled on us 4 times, 3 times in one day.  I don't think she will be baptized this weekend as planned. She is just very busy and has to work more.

David is doing good. He started to pray more and is almost out of 2nd Nephi. He is starting to quit smoking again. I pray that he can stop. He is still coming to church and love it there.

Dewey drooped us again for the 3rd time this last Saturday. He has been drooping us the next day after he tells us that he wants to come to church. He has problems controlling his bodily functions and is afraid to come to church and have an incident there. He has been bringing others with him when we meet with him. He has brought David, Dave, Quiten. Dave seems very interested.  Hope he stays that way.

Donzell is doing great he came to church again and is progressing he is almost ready to baptized again. We haven't been able to meet with Legend (Dozell's daughter) yet this week. She lives in a rehab place during the weekdays and every other weekend.

Elder Weatherford and I went to Sister Dowlings to give her a blessing. There we meet Brother Sherwood. We got to know him and to find out that he knows my dad. He served in the same mission and about the some time. He thinks that he took "Elder Allen" Out tracking for his first time. After giving her a blessing we called in to a mid-training conference call with president. It was fun got to hear lots of voices of Elders that I came out with. There were so many new missionaries so they did two groups on for Elders and one for Sisters.

We are getting 33 new Elders this week form the MTC. It is going to be the biggest group ever. Tuesday night we will get a call about transfers this week.  We will learn if I will stay with Elder Weatherford and we will get a third Elder for a little while or if he leaves and an Elder will come in to finish training me.  Elder Weatherford is still waiting for his visa, it can come any day now.

I am doing great here and don't want to leave this area yet. I love the ward and lots of cool people and story's. I love you and miss you all
Love Elder Allen

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