Friday, August 9, 2013

August 5, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I am doing Great here in Kansas. It has been raining this weekend. Last week was very busy. We moved 3 families this week. We saw like 10 less active families and saw about 8 investigators this week.

Buddy the 8 year old, is doing good.   We taught him and his family the second lesson, the plan of salvation. His father, a non-member, was there and was interested in the lessons.  He has also been helping Buddy read and pray. 

We saw Labrenda this week. Thursday her son came home from the hospital. He had been there for over 5 months. He was involved in a bad accident and was about to die. Elder Weatherford and Elder Hartwig gave him a blessing. It was a miracle that he can walk now. We took Labrenda to the President's devotional last night. It was at the Visitor Center. She loved it and wanted to get baptized. She has a baptism date for the 24th of this month. I am glad that we invited her to come to it.

Donzell is doing great. We taught him the second lesson also. He came to church and is almost ready to get baptized.

David has had a rough week. His Friend Brother Pervice is still in the hospital. He also sick with food poisoning. He also fell back on his bad habits and smoked on Friday :(  On Saturday he told us. I am glad that he told us. He came to church. After church he gave us all of his cigars and committed to stop again. We are going to try to see him every other day.

Dewy in an investigator in a rehab place. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and know lots about the church. He wants to be baptized so we set a date for the 24th. Sunday morning we went to pick him up and he dropped us. Then is morning he called us and still wants to get baptized just doesn't want to go to church. I hope we can get him to come to church.

Dinners have been awesome. Have had dinner with members and less active members this week. The less active members dinners were awesome.
One of the families we saw came to church this Sunday.

Thursday we had interviews with President and Sister Keyes. It went great. My companion Elder Weatherford taught us while waiting our turn. He taught because he is one of the district leaders in our zone. Sister Keyes feed us candy when we visited with her. I passed my interview, so that was good. I get to be on exchanges two times this week, tonight and Wednesday night.

I found a bike this week. We had to go to the bike shop to get Elder Cortez a new tube and asked the owner if he had any bikes that were used because the new bike he had started at 450 and went up. He had a used bike a trek that had new cables, breaks and new chain. He sold it to me for a 250.

I got the letter from all of the Allen Family. Thank you for every one that wrote in it. I also got the post cards. Thank you for the letters that have come.

I am loving it here. The people are very nice to us. I am glad that I came on this mission and to this area. I am missing every one but I am meeting lots of new people and having a blast serving the Lord.
I love you,

Elder Benjamin Allen

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