Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Dear Family and Friends

I am doing great here. It has been a hard week. We have had appointments drop on us. We have tons of members in many different hospitals. It has been very rainy. It is rain at the moment.
Leila our gospel principle teacher died this Saturday. She was 8 months pregnant with a baby boy. She went to the hospital Sunday after teaching the lesson and they found a blood clot in her brain stem. They preformed an emergency
c-section and she went into a coma. The baby is doing good, just needed more oxygen.  We went 2 times to see Sky and the baby. Sky is doing OK.  He is glad that Baby Joseph is doing good. He just has an Iv now. He is very small only 5 pounds. It was hard to see Leila with lots of machines hooked to her. We get to go to her funeral this Thursday at the chapel next to the Temple.

We have lots of investigators
David Relapsed but is still trying to quit. We are still trying to help him to quit.
Dewey is the one from the mental rehab center. He is doing good. He is reading and praying. He has had lots of questions, we have helped him find the answers in the scriptures. He also goes on to read and find answers to questions or compare our answers to's answers. He also likes to chat with the Sister in Hawaii. That is how we found him through a referral from the sister at Hawaii visitor center.
Donzell is doing great we taught him the 3rd lesson. He is the Excommunicated member that has changed his life and wants to come back to church. He is almost ready to be baptized again. He gave us a referral to see his Ex wife and daughter. They live in a different area in our ward. The wife and older daughter is less active and the younger daughter was a former investigator and she is ready to be baptized.
La Brenda the one we took to the Visitor center is doing great just couldn't make it to church. The Visitor center is awesome. It is only 25 min away from us. 
I got to go on Exchanges 2 times this week. One with the zone leaders and one with the KC3 Elders. It was awesome. I learned lots from Elder Rudd and Elder Croft.
Transfers are in a week and half. It sounds like we will get a third elder in our apartment. This is so Elder Weatherford can leave as soon as his visa comes.  He can’t wait to go to India.

We went into the post office on Monday and the post office has 3 inch bullet proof glass. Never seen a post office with bullet proof glass.
I am doing great here in Kansas City. I love you lots. Thanks for the letters and cards.
Elder Benjamin Allen

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