Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb. 3, 2014

Dear Family And Friends,

This week was a better week. We were able teach more and do some more service.

Monday we played basketball with the zone leader and his companion and the Sister missionaries. We played for hours. We had dinner with the Robations in the ward. They work at the bishop's storehouse. We were able to talk about what missionary experiences they have working there.

Tuesday we received a call from the Aps wanting to inform us that they were coming up to spend Wednesday with us. They came up that night and stayed the night with us.

Wednesday we all woke up on time. The Aps had forgotten their suits so they had to drive back to Independence to pick them up. District meeting was great.  It was on how to find people to teach. That was what we need since that day I was going to be with Elder Perrish and we had planed to go tracting for most of the day. We were able to find a lot of potential investigators. We also were able to find some people home that we haven't be able to for weeks. Elder Perrish is an awesome Elder and has lots of experience. It was awesome to be able to spend the day with him and learn from him.

Thursday we had weekly planning. It is nice to be able to plan a head of time what we want to teach in the upcoming week. We had dinner with Bishop and his family but an hour before they called saying that bishop was in Kansas City and wouldn't be home until late. So their sons Robbie and Joseph took us out to eat at Chilies. We had a great time. We talked with Robbie about missions and about his papers. He is working on submitting them

Friday we had gotten approval to go to the Temple. We woke up to find that it had snowed during the night and was still snowing. We still go ready and left hoping the Temple would still be open. We were able to make it to the Temple and it was open. I am glad that we went and not cancel even with the snow.  I meet a Sister Brost that came up to me thinking I was my brother Elder Allen.  When we left I felt uplifted and just ready to do better and be a better missionary. I also felt that my Heavenly Father understands and is grateful for what I have been able to do with this trial that He has put in front of us.  After that we drove up to Craig, which is at the top of our area. We were in the car for hours. We tried to see some less actives and contact a referral. 

Saturday we had even more snow fall. They had to shut the cars down for the morning. We had lunch with Angelo he took us to an all you can eat buffet. Elder Englund ate to much so we spent the rest of the day home since he was throwing up and not feeling well. While we were home I help Brother Farnsworth fix some things around the house and just help him get things done.  We also learned that Brother Stocket died. He was the member that the missionaries had lived with before I had came. We went over and saw him almost every week. He was fighting cancer but still had a great attitude to life. I loved him and was sad that he had to go.  This Gospel helps us know where our family members go when they leave this Earth. I am grateful for this knowledge and comfort it gives us to know that we will be able to see them again. I know that Sister Stocket will be able to be with him again.

Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting. It was a good meeting. We had lots of testimonies about Brother Stocket. Sister Dinnig wasn't feeling to well so she didn't make it to church so Sister Thompson taught Sunday school. She did an awesome job. We had dinner with the Dinnigs. They even had Shannah over and we talked with her about Fasting and why we do that.  Elder Englund was so happy that the Sea Hawks had won the game since he is a big fan of them.

Transfers are Thursday and we think that Elder Englund will be leaving.  I hope my new companion want to work hard.   We have lots of work to do in this area.

I love you all.  Thanks for the letters and the prayers.

Love Elder Benjamin Allen

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