Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week we had a great week.

Tuesday we went tracting and found two new investigators. We found Juan and Teira we were also able to talk with lots of people. We also meet some less active members that we didn't know. 

Wednesday we had district meeting. We were taught on how to invite and commit people to church and to read the Book of Mormon.  We had lunch as a District at Chus, all you can eat place. We then took our car in to have the horn looked at.  The horn had died a couple of days ago. After taking it in we walked home and got our bikes and rode to the chiropractor and then back to the repair shop. The weather was so nice it was sunny and the snow is almost gone.  After getting the car back we went to work. We tracted and saw some people. While we were out we had a prompting to go see Sister Burchett.  It turns out that she was finally home and that her husband was also home. They told us that is was rare for them to be home at that time. They also were talking about bring their boys to a church.  We had a great visit with them. We also went out with Brother Steeby and saw people that we have been trying for weeks. 

Thursday we meet with Mr. Gibbs and taught him about the restoration. I was able to recite the first vision to him and the spirit was real strong there. We went to the hospital to give a lady a blessing that isn't a member but her daughter is. We had dinner with the members we live with. We had ribs and they were awesome. In one hour it went from sunny to rain to hail to snow and back to sunny.

Friday we had a great visit with Bro Swope. He is a less active member that is real old and has a hard time hearing things. We found lots of people that had moved.

Saturday was a busy day we had a member bring by pizza from Papa Murphy’s for lunch. We found some more investigators; one was Justin an insurance agent. We also found Chad, he and his family just moved here and looking for a church. They also have a copy of the Book of Mormon and have lots of Mormon friends. We have been inviting everyone to the fireside we are having this next Saturday. We also went to the post office down in the second ward to pick up a package. They were holding it there since there was not enough postage paid.

Sunday we had lots of meetings to attend in the morning.  Church was good.  We had some talks about being spiritually feed with the scriptures. We didn't have any one make it to church. We learned that second ward is getting a set of sisters this next transfer.  We had dinner with Vockels they had invited the Hesslers over also. We gave Brother Hessler a blessing afterwards. We meet with Shannah and the Dinnings.  Shannah didn't come to church since she was felling sick.

Thanks for Everything. I hope you all get better and have a great week.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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