Monday, February 10, 2014

Feb 10, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was transfer week. Elder Englund left to go to Weinberg and Elder Alexander came up to St Joe. Elder Alexander is from Washington. He is two weeks younger that me. He was called to one of the missions in Brazil but is waiting on his visa. He has been out for 6 months. He was serving in Kansas before here.

Last Monday we went down to the Stake Center to play basketball and we had a Big Nerf gun war. There is a member that owns lots of Nerf guns and accessories. It was fun.
Elder  Englund and Elder Allen

Tuesday we were snowed in. The Cars were shutdown. I help Brother and Sister Farnsworth clean and do things around the house. We only went out with Bro Farnsworth to go to Bro Stocket's viewing. It was like 10 miles away and it took us forever to get there since the roads were not plowed and there was like 5 inches on the roads. We got 9 inches where we live. 

Wednesday I shoveled The Farnsworth’s driveway and helped out around the house. I helped bake and cook food for the luncheon after the funeral. We were allowed to drive like an hour before the funeral. The funeral was great. We heard lots of stories from his past. I felt the spirit real strong and a feeling that I would see him again. I helped Elder Englund pack all of his stuff for transfers in the morning. We had dinner with the Dufrains and we talked about their missions and what effect it had on the rest of their life. After dinner we went to the Kincades so Elder Englund could say good-bye. While we were there the Sister Missionaries called wanting our help since they were scared and didn't know what to do. They had been asked to feed the Bell's Dog and Birds. The dog was in his house and they tugged on his leash and he didn't come out so they were scared that he was dead. It turns out that he wasn't.

Thursday Angelo drove us down to transfers and the drive was nice. We did see lots of cars on the side of the road. We all meet in the Gym of The Stake Center in Independence. There were 105 missionaries being transferred in one day. That was the largest ever in this area. We got back safe and sound. We had weekly planning and took care of paper work. Then I changed the brake lights in the car. They had gone out the day before.

Friday we saw Gene, we read Enos with him and talked about how his answer would come. We tracked for a while and tried to see some unknown members in the area. We had a busy day full of missionary work. It was great to be able to finally do studies with a companion. We talked to tons of people but weren't able to find any one to teach.

Saturday was another busy day. We were able to get lots done. We even went to the hospital to see a member that was there. While we were there to see Dorothy we talked to her son Robert and he wanted us to help him become active. We find lots of people that say they are active in their churches. We talked with people that the ward hasn't been able to find for a while.

Sunday we had church and it was great. The talks were awesome. It was about being grateful for what you have. We didn't have any one make it to Church this week but next week will be better.  We had dinner with the Eddingtons. He served his mission in Brazil so Elder Alexander spoke to him and even read the Book of Mormon in Portuguese.  This Saturday we are helping him do some repairs and he is going to have a friend there also helping that isn't a member.

I am doing great and love serving the Lord. Elder Alexander is awesome and I am glad that he came to serve with me. We have so much work to do in this area.

I am Excited for my birthday Sunday. I hope you all are doing great. And have an awesome valentines day. Thanks for the letters and the support and Prayers.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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