Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4, 2013

This week was busy very busy. We saw lots of people.

Tuesday, We gave a member in the ward, named Sister Dowling, a blessing. I was the one that gave her the blessing. She requested a blessing because of some health problems. We saw David R. and taught him about the time line of the Book of Mormon and Bible. We had dinner with the Clements and had pizza. After dinner we meet with the Laseur family. Brother Laseur is a member that wants to become active again and his wife wants to know what we believe.

Wednesday, we did some service for Sister Pitt.  We cut down vines and weeds and fixed one of her doors. While we were outside it started to rain. It poured and we left completely wet. We tried lots of people and most of them were not home. We had dinner with the Strubs. They are two history students and know lots of history and can talk about any history event. We had an awesome lesson with Sean. We taught him about how Faith and being obedient to the commandments.  Then you faith will grow. He gave us a large bag of candy like 115 pieces.  Elder Weatherford ripped open the bag when we got home and the candy went every where.

Thursday, Halloween!!  We saw the Biggs, we taught them about being member missionary and how to share the gospel. We got a referral from other missionaries to see James. He is a bus driver for the Metro. He had talked to missionaries that had been on his bus. We taught him about the restoration and left him with a Book of Mormon.  We had dinner with the Sloops. They are a couple that is in there 80's. They made us Spaghetti and bread. We also had Ice cream and hot cookies.  They sent us home with tons of candy. We couldn't go out and see people, so we all 4 elders went to David's place. We played hangman with him using names from the Book of Mormon.

Friday, we had district meeting. Elder Weatherford did the training on the Holy Ghost. We then went on Exchanges with Kc3rd. Elder Thomas came to stay with me in our area. We tracked a lot and had an appointment with Mike. We answered his questions on baptism. He is an interesting person. We had dinner with Sister Gay. We had Chinese food.  Kay was sick so we didn't have a lesson after dinner. We couldn't find any one home.

Saturday we exchanged back in the morning. We had correlation with Bro Belliston. We were able to find lots of people home. We found some new investigators. We had dinner with Sister Hernandez. She has a next-door neighbor that is interested in our church. We were able to teach her a lesson after dinner. We had all 4 elder there since there were no males there. It was weird to teach with 3 other Elders all at one time. We also went to the house of a member that just moved in. She wanted her house blessed. It was my first time participating in blessing a home. 

Sunday, It was Fast Sunday. We had 3 of our investigators at church. Elder Weatherford and I taught Sunday school to the 13 year olds all the way up to the 18 year olds.  We taught them about being Self reliant and about missions.  After church we played Tracto with the Elders in the district. It is like bingo just you do it while tracking. I was fun to play.  We knocked on lots of doors and met some weird people.  We had dinner with Orts. They made Hawaiian haystacks. It was great.

This week was a great week we taught lots of lessons and did some service. This area is growing we are getting lots of people to teach. I am exited for tomorrow when we have a special training by president. We will teach us what he learned from the mission president training. The weather is so nice now. The trees are turning colors.  I love it here. I miss you all and hope you are doing great,

Elder Benjamin Allen

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