Monday, October 28, 2013

Oct 28, 2013

Dear Family And Friends,

This week was very good. We did have a baptism this week. David R. did get baptized by Elder Weatherford. We didn't have that many people show up for the baptism. I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. On Sunday I was able to stand in the circle when David was confirmed a member and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a great experience.  Looking back now I didn't think that David would have made it this far, but it is because of the gospel and the Spirit working on him.

Tuesday we had interviews with President and Sister Keyes. We also had training by the district leaders. It went well.  I was the last one to be interviewed.  I also got the okay to drive.  We had dinner with Bishop and his family. It is great to be able to talk with Bishop about the ward.

Wednesday we had a lunch appointment with Steve. We meet at Jack Stack, all the way at the top of the ward in the other Elder’s area.  It was some very good BBQ. It was super nice that he paid for all of us. He is super busy so he wants to meet in the spring when he is less busy.  We then helped Bro. Hamm do some things around the house. We were trying to help him find a receipt since he can't look around for it.   We had dinner with the Biggs but before they feed us we had to move tons of tree debris to the road for pick up. While we were doing that Elder Weatherford stepped on two nails in a board that was in the pile.  We then had a great lesson with Sean. We taught him about Prophets.
Thursday and Friday we tried to see a lot of people, most of them canceled on us. We did get some new investigators from a referral that we got. We also found a lady that had meet with missionaries before and was ready to meet again. We got in with a less active member and his wife wants us to come back and answer some questions she has about the church. He wants to become active so he can go to the temple some day.

Saturday we had correlation with Bro Belliston.  While we were doing that we had the font filling.  It took 2 and a half hours to fill it. The building is super old and has a tiny water tank. It is almost like the old Lehi stake center. When Elder Weatherford baptized David, the wave was super big and it went into the bathrooms.  We then had the ward party. It was good.  We had a Chili cook off. There was lots of good Chili. We got lots of candy.  The members came up to us elders and gave us candy since they knew we couldn't go trick or treating.
Elder Weatherford, David and Elder Benjamin Allen

Sunday we had 4 investigators at church. The less active member and his wife and son came. This week was the primary program. It was funny to watch all the kids. This ward has a lot of young kids but not a lot of older kids.  Our dinner appointment canceled on us but they did give us a frozen lasagna to cook.  It took forever to cook it since she had just taken it out of the freezer.

This week was awesome. I am glad that we were able to have the baptism. We had a very busy week. I am thankful to be a missionary and to be able to serve in this mission. I am thankful for all the letters. I love you all.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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