Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was good we had some great things happen to us this week. This week we had the bikes. We biked a lot this week.

On Tuesday we saw lots of less actives far out on the edge of our area. We took the bus out there and we got stopped since there was an accident that blocked all lanes going one direction. Most of the people we saw were not ready to come back. We did some tracking and talked to a lot of people. We did find someone that was ready to here about the gospel.

Wednesday we went to a different area and saw some less actives and investigators. One lady we saw was Sister Reed. She is real old and can't come to church because of her health. We talked to her about her mission and about her Experience of joining the Church. She has a great story. She also calls lots of less actives her age and talks to them weekly. We were able to meet with Sean and we taught him about Prophets and about the Law of Moses and why/how it was fulfilled. It was a great lesson.

Thursday we met with Mike and answered lots of his questions. He believes almost everything the church believes. He had lots of questions about things we don't teach people until after baptism. He liked the answers that we gave him. He is almost ready for baptism if he would come to church. We meet with David and he has decided that he is ready to pay tithing and is willing to follow the commandments. He is about ready to be baptized on the 26th.

Friday we had district meeting and Elder Weatherford taught us more about members being at our lessons and the importance of them. We had a great message or lesson with Bro. Hamm and Vickie. We went over why we need to continue to come to church and the blessings of the sacrament.  We had a great lesson with Kay at Sister Gay's house. We taught her about Jesus Christ and the importance of Him and about the church He set up. It was also great to hear Sister Gay's conversion story and the blessings she has seen from joining the church. Brother Bell was also there.  He just moved back into the ward and was so kind to give us a ride home with our bikes.

Saturday was a rough day, all of our appointments fell through. We help move the Heart’s out of the ward. This ward has a lot of people moving in and out. We didn't have much luck finding any one home.

Sunday was a better day than Saturday. Church was great, lots of good talks. David R. has had problems with his electric wheel chair so he walked to church. He didn't want to miss church. After Church we meet with Yandira. Brother Hails came with us since Yandira is learning English and speaks Spanish. We meet at the church and gave her a Church tour and she asked lots of great questions. I think that it went real well. I know that every one felt the spirit. After that we drove to Liberty to attend a fireside with our investigator Kay and Sister Gay. The Fireside was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Liberty Jail. Elder Ballard and Brother Gray of the 70's came to speak. President Keyes was the first speaker and spoke about his experiences of being a missionary and Mission President in this Area.  Brother Gray talked to us about Joseph Smith and what and why he had to go to Liberty Jail. Then Elder Ballard spoke, he talked about the changing world and about what we need to do to stay on the path back to Heavenly Father. He also spoke on the importance of the Temple, which was right outside. It was awesome to be able to hear and see him. It was cool to be able to see the Temple all lit up at night. I am glad that we were able to attend it.
Kansas City Missouri Temple
I am doing great here on my mission. Thanks for the letters.  I Love you all and miss you.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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