Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This past week was a great week. We were able to do lots of service and talking to people.

Tuesday we started out the day by helping Bro. Tallent. We dug out his garden to replace the boards that made the raised garden.  We talked to him about his conversion story and how it has blessed his life. Later in the day we saw Sister Stock. She is a recent convert; she was having her birthday this day.  We meet her husband.  We had dinner with the Page Family.

Wednesday was our district meeting day. We talked about what we can used to find answers to gospel questions. We did some tracting at some duplexes that were in our area. We meet some nice people. We also meet some people that had lived here in Kansas City. They were living in the outskirts with very few neighbors. I also found a new pair of sunglasses on a grass field.  We went out with Brother Tibbs. We saw Josh and it was great that Brother Tibbs was there he just connected with him.

Thursday we went to the library and watched lots of the videos the church has made.  While we were at the Library we visited Quinn, the Bueschers son.  He was getting books for his trip to California. We had a great day visiting with some less actives.

Friday was Halloween!  We spent the day in Smithville.  We talked to the owner of a T-shirt place. He was informing us that we need to listen to the Radio and the news. He thought we were to uneducated in today’s world.  We started raking leaves for people in Smithville.  The House we picked was a house with tons of leaves.  While we were raking an old lady came out to thank us. She was so happy that we had come to help her. She had no one to call to take care of the leaves.  She was so grateful that she was crying.  We had dinner/ party with the Ashcrofts. After our dinner we were grounded to our apartment for the rest of the night. 

Saturday we had a busy day. We had our weekly meeting with Brother Litster.  In the afternoon we drove to the Stake Center. We help set up and prep for the Fireside that evening. Elder Avey and I also did parking.   The Fireside was for Jeremy and Jenny Guthrie.  Bro. Guthrie is one of the starting pitchers for the Kansas City Royals. He pitched in the 3rd and 7th game of the World Series.

Brother Guthrie spoke on what is success and how we need to achieve success. He also talked about goals and how they can direct our life.  He served his mission in Spain. While he was waiting for his visa he spent one day in this mission. He talked about how the visitor center and the Jail strengthened his testimony.

Sunday was Fast Sunday. We had lots of meetings before church. Church was great. We talked about sacrifice in the Gospel principles.  It is interesting how people have their own sacrifices that will help them grow.

Thanks for all you have all done for me. Thanks for all the letters and support you all provide to me. I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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