Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was a great week for us.
Monday we spent the day with the Platte city Elders. We also got a car from the Sisters. It was the Purple one, the same that I drove in St Joe.
Tuesday we went to the Lindsy’s and had cookies. We visited with them and got to know them. They told us that we should only serve in one area so they don't have us leaving after just coming to an area. We went to the Library and learned about the movie the Church is putting out called “He is the Gift.”  We had dinner with the Bakers. They had invited their less active Son and his Family to join also. It was cool to be able to meet them. The kids were fascinated with us and what we do.
Wednesday we had district meeting. The topic was how we can better invite people to do something. We also talked about “He is the Gift.”  We had lunch at the Chinese Wok. We then went on Exchanges with Platte City Elders. I stayed here in this ward and Elder Tolmam came with me.  We were able to talk to a few people as we tracted. We had dinner with the Heckels. They took us to a Chinese buffet in Smithville.  We visited with Keven and answered some more questions that he had and talked more about the Temple and Church buildings. He said that he had taken his son over to the Temple to see it all lit up.
Thursday we exchanged back after studies. We then had weekly planning. We went by the Tallents to see if they could help us.  We first help him position his axel for his tuck. Then he cut off a lock on the bike Elder Avey was riding. It was an old lock fror an Elder that is gone.  Brother Tallent used an acetylene torch to cut it off. We had dinner with the Litsters and we watched the new video the mormon message about refiners fire.  We then saw the Balenskys and talked with them about conversions and what is needed to get one.
Friday we spent the day in Smithville. It rained part of the day. We went tracting while it was raining and talked to some great people.  We also meet Isaac's friends and talked with them. We went to Panera Bread with Sister Murphy. We were about to purchase our food when a guy we didn't know paid for it. It was nice to see that there are great people around us.  We stop by the Delows to ask some questions. While we were there we talked to Brother Dedelow about his Coworker. We also gave him a blessing since he was getting sick.
Saturday we had our meeting with the Litsters. We saw a big deer just walk past in their backyard. We also help the Bueschers set up their Christmas tree. We also had stake conference. Our mission president and his wife were there. There we heard some great talks.
Sunday was also stake conference.  The Holmsteads drove us there and back. We also had lunch with them. We were able to see the Hitchborns. We visited with them and learned about their life story. We had dinner with Bro Frieson. We then got a call asking if we could come by and give Brother Shanks a blessing.  We went over and gave him a blessing.  Very interesting how we thought of their names as we planned and turns out that there was a reason for needing to be there.
I hope you all have a great week. Have an awesome Thanksgiving. I keep you informed about transfers this week. I miss you all.
Elder Benjamin Allen

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