Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Dear Family And Friends,

This week was a good week. 

Josh is doing great. We taught him the second lesson about the plan of salvation. It went great.  Josh has been reading and his testimony is growing. We can just see the conversion process working in his life. He came to church and had their baby blessed.  Her name is Ashley. We were able to stand in the circle for that.  That was a great experience.  We just need to get him married and to give up coffee and he will be ready.

We meet with Tasos. He is an 88-year-old man that loves the Book of Mormon and the Scriptures and teachings.  He just can't be baptized since his daughter will not allow it.  We went over and talked with him about the Book of Mormon and what he studied that day.  He knows so much. He is friends with the Bueshers and came to the baptism and wanted us to baptize him also that day but we couldn't because of the word of wisdom. He went home and started to quit the tobacco use. He is a great man.

We had dinner with the Bueshers this week and a different day we did some service. They are doing great. They love reading together from the scriptures and coming to church.  They have a son named Quinn. We are just getting to know him and trying to ease the church into the conversation. He is a nice kid.

So this week we had 4th of July.  We didn't have any thing special, no parties, we just tried to see people but no one was home so we just talked to people outside.

We also had zone training this week. It was in St Joe and the only missionaries that were the same was Sister Thompson and I. The training was on the importance of thinking about the end goal, the temple and that we want our investigators to make it all the way to the temple.

What is the most significant thing that you have learned?  I think it would be that if you receive a prompting from the Holy Ghost that you should act on it that moment. You might not know why or it might not work. I have see miracles come because of following those promptings.

What is the most fun thing you have done? I got to ride a riding lawn mower, one of those zero turn ones to cut the grass while doing service.

What is the most spiritual experience that you have had? I think I would say that it would be when we went to the temple with our mission President Keyes for the last time before he left. We had the Temple full of just missionaries.

What is the greatest thing you can do to make the next year even better? I will say just devote myself to the rest of my mission and to the Lord.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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