Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a busy week.   We had lots of unusual things to do this week along with our missionary work.

This last week they divided the wards in our building and created a new ward. Six weeks ago they created a new ward using part of our ward. They are about to create a new stake. We are like an hour from the dirty joe and this Friday we are going up there for some meetings we are having.

Tuesday we had a Conference Call in with the Mission President where he said good bye to everyone. We then picked up a car from the mission office. While we were there we took care of other paper work for the baptism we had the last week end. We had dinner with the Doolys and afterward he went out with us on his birthday. We tried some people but no one was home. We then went tracting and talked to some great people. The member we had was great as he testified.

Wednesday we had district meeting.  We were able to give a blessing to a sister in the district. District meeting was focused on how we could use the members in finding and teaching.  We then went out with a return missionary. We saw a new family in the ward that moved in because they had a house fire. They are a very nice family. I hope this trial doesn't shake their testimony to much.

Thursday we had our studies and then weekly planning. We then saw Josh. We gave him a blessing for his kidney stones that he is having. He also wants to be baptized so we will be teaching him the lessons. We also saw the Buschers and talked with them about the temple and family history. The Sisters missionaries came over to drop off the dinner the member they live with had made for us. While they were out of their car their car was backed into and a dint was put into it. So tons of paper work was filled out.

Friday we went and had the oil changed and tires rotated. We then went to the mission office. Elder Goro needed to meet with President Keyes. We got there and President wasn't there. He didn't show up for over 2 hours.   We helped clean the office and make it all ready for the new mission president. It was sad to see President and sister Keyes for the last time. In the evening all our appointments didn't work out. We then saw the Andersons. Sister Andersons is a Service missionary talking pictures for the church. She has so many stories about missionary opportunities.

Saturday we spent the day in Smithville. We saw Josh and taught him the first lesson. He accepted a baptismal date for July 26th.  We also saw Stephanie and read the Book of Mormon with her. We had dinner with the Listers and had a meeting with him.

Sunday we didn't have any investigators make it to church but we did have President Hardy make it to our ward this week. This is the first week in months that president has been able to come to church since he has been in the hospital because of a fall.  He lost the use of his left arm and leg but is slowly getting it back.  Church was good. Sunday school was on prophets.  After church we did some tracting and talked to lots of nice people today they were all nice.  We had breakfast for dinner.

Thanks for all the cards and emails. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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