Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Dear Family and Friends

This was a very interesting week.

On Tuesday we helped the Dinnings move Shanna's bed and stuff downstairs. She is staying with the Dinnings for even longer. After that we tried to see some of our investigators and members.

Wednesday we had district meeting. It was on the importance of the beginning moments of teaching. It was also about how the investigators know what our purpose is.  After District meeting we took the car to the shop to get the tire fixed.

Thursday we drove to Union Star. We tried to see lots of unknown members far out. We were able to meet some of them. We invited them to the ward party we are having this week.

Friday we went out to Fillmore we saw some people out there. We had dinner with Brook and her Family.  After that we watched the restoration video with them. They enjoyed it a lot.  We went to the hospital to give a blessing to a nonmember. She was real nice and knew lots of members here in this area.

Saturday we had a fireside, Andy Reid and his wife spoke to us and nonmembers and some important people from Kansas City and St Joe. He talked about his life and the influence of the church and how that affects his career. He also talked about football and coaching for the Chiefs. Before it started Elder Alexander and I help with parking.
Elder Allen

Elder Alexandar

Sunday we had one investigator at church. His name is Xavier.   He enjoyed church. Sacrament meeting was on the Aaronic priesthood and scouting and the importance of the programs the church has for young men.  We had dinner with the Farnsworths, the members we stay with. We had ham and potatoes. After dinner we gave Shanna a blessing, she is having problems with some of her teeth and wanted a blessing.

The Farnsworths 

Elder Alexander is leavening today to go to Brazil so I will be staying with the Elders in the second ward.

I hope you all have a great week

Elder Benjamin Allen

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