Monday, January 6, 2014

Jan 6, 2014

Dear Family and Friends

We had an interesting week with New Years and everything else happening this week.

Monday was Pday and we went shopping and played basketball. After dinner we helped Forance move into Vero's place. That was fun since they both live in apartments. We did a lot of hauling up and down stairs. Vero's place was very full with two or three of everything in the small apartment.

Tuesday we were able to see Angelo and while we were there we gave Angelo's wife Fay a blessing. Right before we were about to leave our house I had the thought to check to see if I had my vile of oil. It turns out that it wasn't in my bag but in my suit coat. I am glad that I looked and listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost since we needed it to be able to then give Fay a blessing.  A member took us out to eat for lunch at Famous Daves with the Elders in the Second Ward. We had an Okay day; we weren't able to find everyone home. We went over to the Dinning’s and played games and had dinner and celebrated New Years with them until 9pm. Shannah (Sister Dinning’s coworker) came over and we talked with her a little about the church and about her.  We had to go in at 9 even that it was New Year’s Eve.

Wednesday Elder Englund was sick; he was up all night and day in the bathroom.  We don't know if it was what he ate or he just got the stomach flew.  I was able to clean and organize and update records while we stayed home.  It snowed like 3 inches in the morning and evening.

Thursday Elder Englund was still not felling well. We didn't go out much.  We had dinner with the Millers. They are very nice; they both have stake callings and don't get the chance that often to attend our ward.  After Dinner we went and saw the Concades. They are an old couple that we go and see since they don't make it to church every time since they are just getting old. While we were there they gave us both a pocketknife. It was so nice of them to give us both a knife.

Friday We Had Zone Training!!    In this Zone we only have one Zone Leader, Elder Moss.  He gave the whole training.  He taught us lots of great information. He taught us what the purpose of Companion Study is and how to do it effectively. In this Zone we have 3 Sister Missionary companionships and 5 sets of Elders and two senior Sisters. One of the Senior sister is Sister Angle and she is from Mesa AZ and is also from the Mesa Central Stake.   After zone training we went on exchanges with the Elders from Maryville. I went with Elder Vaughn to Maryville and Elder Englund and Elder Prex stayed here.  Maryville is a branch and is even farther up North. It is even colder up there. We tried lots of people not many were home.  All the college students are away still.  We had dinner with a family that is the newest members in the branch at Gallques.  They live like 30 minutes farther out and it was an interesting drive there and back, since there was lots of black ice.

Saturday Elder Vaughn and I help a family move in.  They came from California and came with a full size Semi. We were able to get everything in their house and storage container.  It was very cold out but with lots of help it went fast. We then drove back to St Joe to exchange back.  We tried lots of people many of them didn't answer. That evening it started to snow again. We got like 2 inches of snow.

Sunday while we were doing studies we got a call from Angelo wanting us to help him shovel the snow on the driveway of his neighbor. We went over there and did that for them. We went to church and only had one investigator that came. Shannah, she had come with the Dinning family.  The Dinning’s kids had invited her to come with them and she did. It was so nice to have church start at 12:30.  All 4 of us missionaries were asked to speak in church next week.  We had dinner with the Hatches. After that we got a call from President informing us that for the next 2 days that we are not allowed to tract or be outside. He doesn't want us to get frostbite with it being so cold. We are only allowed to see members and go to the appointments that we already have set up. He wants us to spend as little time outside as possible.
I had a great week and New Years and hope that you did also. I hope that you all are staying warm. I love you all and miss you all.
Elder Benjamin Allen

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