Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 21, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a rough week. We weren't able to do lots of missionary work.

Monday we went shopping and played basketball with the 2nd ward Elders. Sister Harmen was sick and spent most of Sunday night in the hospital so they didn't come. We had dinner with the Eddingtons and then had FHE with them. That was fun to participate in.

Tuesday we had interviews with President Keyes and with Sister Keyes. While we were waiting for our time for interviews, the District Leaders gave some trainings. I learned lots from them.  The interview process lasted for 5 hours.  After that we had dinner with the Farnsworths that we live with. It was nice to be able to have dinner with them.  After dinner we went to the hospital to give Sister Hessler a blessing.  We almost got lost in the hospital trying to get out.

Wednesday Elder Englund wasn't feeling to well and had a hard time sleeping so we didn't leave the house until 3.  We then tried to see some people and we tried to get a quote to fix the dent on the car. We had dinner with the Nielsons, Bro Nielson is our ward mission leader. It was a great dinner and their family is so nice.

Thursday we went down to Liberty so Elder Englund could go to an LDS Doctor. We were a little early for our appointment so we stopped by the Temple and took pictures.  We were at the doctors office for a long time. The Doctor decided that Elder Englund has depression and that it is affecting his health and sleeping problems. He was given medication to try to help him sleep and help with his depression.  When we got back, we had dinner with the Farnsworths and the Sister Missionaries.  We were able to see Bro. Stocket, our mail is still going to their place.

Jan 2014

Kansas City Temple
Friday Elder Englund slept for 17 hours. The pills he took to help him sleep worked.  I had dinner with the Farnsworths again since we didn't have a dinner appointment. After that we got a call from the Dinnings inviting us over for pancakes and to meet Madie's friends that are non members.

Saturday while Elder Englund was in bed I helped the Farnsworths clean and finish taking down the Christmas lights.  In the evening we meet with Deebie. Then drove into Kansas to go to Wathena to try to see some members. We weren't able to find anyone home.

Sunday we had church and the Bishopric all spoke on the attributes of Christ. We didn't have any of our investigators come to church. We had dinner dropped off, it was Chile and corn bread. We then went over to the Dinnigs and meet Shannaha's boy friend and talked about what we do and why we are sacrificing 2 years to be a missionary.

I hope all of you have a great week. I love you all.

Elder Benjamin Allen

Yesterday Monday. The library was closed so we drove down to the stake center to be with all the missionaries in both zones. There were lots of missionaries. I was surprised on how many Sister missionaries there are in the stake. There were lots of games being played. There were basketball and volleyball and card games. We had dinner with the Ottingers we had Chicken cordon blue.  We also went to the hospital to give a member’s grandma a blessing.

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