Monday, December 23, 2013

Dec 23, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been an interesting week.

Monday we went shopping. While we were driving we saw a large car accident with many cars. We went to Lee Summit to be with all of the other Elders and Sisters in the Stake. Everyone was there. It was fun.

Tuesday we went on exchanges with the other elders in the ward. I stayed in my area and had Elder Smith with me. We biked a lot and were able to see some people. We had dinner with the Strubs. While we were there we were talking about lots of deep doctrine since they are both history people. That evening we got the transfer calls. I learned that I was going to St Joseph 1st ward and serving with Elder Englund.  Elder Bittion is also leaving.

Wednesday we exchanged back in the morning. Elder Horne and I went biking lots so I could say good bye. We saw David R. and while we were there I got to ride in his electric wheel chair. It is tradition for the leaving Elders to do donuts in his chair.  We were able to see the Biggs. Sister Biggs just started to go back to work since she couldn't with the broken arm.  I was hard to say good-bye to everyone but I was excited to go serve in a different area.   I had lots to pack. I didn't realize that I have so much stuff.

Thursday we couldn't find a ride to transfers so we all piled in the Ford Fusion with Elder Bitton's and my stuff on our laps and in the trunk.  There was only like 25 Missionaries being transferred.  We all meet at the church building next to the Visitor Center. Elder Englund and his companion had a member named Angelo drive them down.  We picked up our mail and packages and all left for our new areas.  Angelo took us to Krispy Cream’s to get some donuts. They weren't hot :(  It took us about 2 hours to drive to our area. We live with members in the ward named the Farnsworth’s.  This ward also got some sisters. There is Sister Thompson and she is training a new sister named ? We took the car in to the ford shop to get the door handle fixed.  It took them hours to do that.  

Friday it started to get cold.  We had to take the purple ford in to get the oil changed.  We went to the Stuckets and used his hydraulic wood splitter and split wood for him. We split wood for them for like 2 hours.  We also had dinner with them.

Saturday it started to rain and that rain started to freeze.  We tired to see people but no one was home. We had the ward party that evening and when we arrived at the party they shut the cars down. The ward party was nice and lots of nice people. When we got home at 8 we played in the snow for some time. We had like 4 inches when we went in for the night.  That night it snowed like 5 more inches.

Sunday Church was canceled and we still couldn't drive. We were even told to stay home. We slept and watched the approved movies.

I am having Tons of fun here. I hope you all are doing well. I miss all of you and love you.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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