Monday, September 9, 2013

Sept 9, 2013

Dear Family and Friends.

This week has been a great week we have been very busy here in Kansas City.

Wednesday we had an appointment with Sister Brooks and we went over and she feed us Ham and Turkey sandwiches. She is a less active Lady that lives with her daughter and some other people. She has cancer but is doing well. She just got her own endowments last month and is coming back to church. We saw Dewey that afternoon and he just wanted to talk. We gave David D. a bible and he wants to come to church in 2 weeks just won't be here this week. After dinner we went and saw Donzell Smith, he is part of the Shaw/ Burgan family. His wife is a member but 2 of the kids are not baptized and want to be baptized.

Thursday I was on Exchanges with Elder Dyer in KC3. I went to his place. We did some service for an investigator that is building a soup kitchen. We rolled up cables and moved things around so people from the community could come and hang drywall.  We saw lots of people. We had dinner with the Thompson's.
He is security on the field for the Royal’s field.  After we came in for the night we started to bake. We baked a cake, made no bake cookies, made dipped chocolate pretzels and still made it to bed on time. The cake was in a shape of a cross. This was for District meeting on Friday.

Friday was District meeting. It was on Finding and was taught by Elder Weatherford. We had the dessert that we made the night before, for lunch after the meeting.  We saw Donzell W. and also had dinner with him. We had chicken and rice and corn. We had more cake for dinner.  After dinner we saw Sister Biggs. She now has her daughter and her husband living with her and James. James in not a member but came to church and has been there listening to us when we teach Sister Biggs the lessons again.

Saturday Our Bishop Benion started a Lost Sheep Effort. I went with Bro Cunningham  to see 5 people that bishop wanted us to see. None of them were home. We helped Sister G. rotate her tires from one car to a different car so she could sell the one. It was very hot.  We had dinner with the Rowatts. They are both doctors and are cool people. We had lasagna and bread and salad and cookie /brownies. After Dinner we went to Nick's house. He is a less active member that wants to come back to church and wants us to teach him and his wife and son.  He was home with Chris, his son, but his wife was gone for the weekend. The son has lots of questions.

Sunday Church was good. It was about missionary work. We still do not have a ward mission leader. We had a linger longer after church and lots of people stayed and visited with each other. We had dinner with the Condies; we had grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream and veggie straw chips. We also saw David R. he is doing great. He came to church and is still doing good with not smoking. He is almost ready for baptism.

So today Elder Bitton got the ok to drive and was told that he had gotten the ok to drive back when we got here in July and could of driven then. So that means that we will need to share the car with them. Elder Weatherford gave me a hair cut today, just before coming to email.

I have had a great week we have had lots to do. We had 5 people come to church, which was good. I am glade that we have so much to do here.  I miss all of you and love you all.

 Elder Benjamin Allen

We still can have backpacks with two straps I got a just black backpack that has two big pockets and 3 smaller pockets and two pockets for water bottles.
We only need to wear our suits for church and other meetings and during the winter only for dinner and after dinner. We don't need to weir them during the afternoon.
We can now go to the temple 4 times a year. That is every other transfer. We don't need to go with recent converts but that would be nice if we could.

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