Monday, September 23, 2013

Sept 23, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I am doing great here and had an awesome week.  We were busy and saw lots of people. We had lots come to church.

Tuesday we had a great appointment with David. We went over the priesthood and about how we could track the priesthood line of authority back to Joseph Smith. I was able to pull out my line of Authority and show him that. We saw Dewey again. We told him that he needs to quit smoking or lessen the number times he smokes and start to stop drinking tea and coffee. We told him that if he didn't start we couldn't come back over. He dropped us that night because he didn't ever want to stop smoking and drinking his tea and coffee.  We had dinner with Sister Shaw that is a less active member. Most of her kids and Grandkids still live in the ward. It was some great food that she fed us.

Wednesday, We saw Donzell W. , Bishop says he can be re baptized in 3 months if he quits smoking this month. We talked to him about grace and about the atonement of Jesus Christ.  After that Sky picked us up and took Labrenda and us to the Visitor Center. It was awesome, we all felt the spirit. We went though God’s plan for Families. She wants to be baptized before she moves. She has a baptismal date for the 12th of October. After that Sky took us out to eat since we didn't have any one for dinner.  Sky is such a big help to us. I am glad that he is in the ward. After dinner we saw lots of less actives members.  One family that we stopped by was the Allens. They are 2 brothers and a sister living in a house in the ward. We meet David, one of the Allens. We got to know him and learned that he served a mission. He wants to come to church but can't because of work. He has a younger brother serving a mission in the Wichita mission.

Thursday We met with Dewey again. He was taking to some sister in the v.c in Hawaii and decided he wants to be baptized. We told him that he must start to Quit and come to church or we couldn't come over. We had dinner with the Scotts at the church building, during dinner it started to rain lots. It was raining very hard when we need to get to the car.  Elder Weatherford and I ran to the car and got soaked with water. We did make it to our appointment with the Roths, and we taught Buddy the last lesson so he can meet with Bishop and be baptized. 

Friday We had district meeting. We were taught some more about the atonement of Christ. Elder Deyer made some trifle so we had that for lunch. I know that that wasn’t the best to have for lunch. We went to Brother Hamm house to do some service for him since he is blind. We swept his floor. We saw David R. and taught him more about the Godhead.  We had dinner with Sister Biggs and her family.

Saturday we gave Donzell a blessing after teaching him a lesson. We also got a new investigator from a lady in his building. We also gave her a blessing. We saw some more less actives and lots of potentials. We got to have a meeting with our new ward mission leader. It is nice having a ward mission leader that wants to know what we are doing and wants a report every night.

Sunday we had Brother Lively help us pick up Dewey so he could come to church. It was fun having to sign him out of the Rehab center and get him in the car since he is in a wheel chair. We got him to church and counted and had 8 investigators at church. We had the most out of the whole mission. This week I learned that Andy Read the coach for the Chief’s team lives in our ward and come when he can. We saw Mike and he is doing great and we answered some of his questions and left him pages to read to answer other questions.

This week was a great week. It rained lots here and had lots of days with nice weather.  We had lots of appointments and saw lots of people.  I am doing great here. I am having a blast serving my mission. I know that this is where I should be. I miss you all and love you lots.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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