Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec 22, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was a great week.

Tuesday we had a busy day.  We went to the Assisted living place to play Bingo with the old people. They look forward for us to come.  We also went to Sister Wright’s. There we read 3rd Nephi chapter one with Tina and the Pattons.  We also tried Aj, he let us in and we answered lots of his and his wife's questions.  We also went with Brother Snyder to see Jim. The Lesson went awesome. Bro Snyder was the right member present. He was able to connect with him.

Wednesday we had District Meeting. It was us plus the Sisters and the Mound City Elders and Senior couple.  We went over great ideas to find people in different ideas. We went to subway for lunch. There was a couple there that the Sisters got an appointment with.  We found a couple of people that we got return appointments with. We had dinner with Bro Slaugh.  When we got out there was freezing rain all over.  The roads were slick. We were able to meet with Scott. He was cooking all kinds of food for his kids in his school class.

Thursday we had a busy day. We also found a couple more people that we gave “He is the Gift” cards. We had dinner with Aj and his Family. We had some great fried Chicken. We taught them all the Restoration. We set them all on baptism date for Jan 18th.  We also hear from a member of the ward that is in City council. That a guy we knocked on the door the day before had called the cops and was telling everyone that he doesn't want us to come back. We only wished him a Merry Christmas.

Friday we saw the Jessephs. We also went tracting and knocked on a ton of abandon houses. We didn't find many people that were home in this area.  We had dinner with the Hannons. We ate fried tacos.  

Saturday we had appointment with Brother Burkman. We then went to the Pass family to help build their porch. It was a fun project. It was muddy but we got lots done. They had a couple of dogs that were everywhere. Always where we wanted to be or in the way.  They had part of their family there that is not members. They have tons interesting stories.

Sunday was the ward Christmas program.  There were tons of people that didn't make it to church. Lots are in hospitals and sick. No one that could play the piano was there. Elder Hansen was the only one and played for the whole meeting.  It went good everything worked out.  We didn't get any investigators there.  I meet a couple that the other Elder Allen, The McMillians.  We got tons of bread from people most of it was banana bread.  We spent the day in Iola. We didn't have any of our return appointment work out.  We did get a referral for some less actives. We had dinner with the Taylors. We will be spending lots of time with the extended Taylor family this week.  We got to teach Steven. They had 3 week old puppies that we got to hold. They were so soft.

I hope you all have a great Christmas. I hope you are all safe and have a great week. I love you all. Looking forward to call home.

Elder Benjamin Allen

1.  What time are you Skyping?  Any time is good.  Remember that if you want to skype at the same time as Andrew that is great but you have to be on a computer and not an ipad or iphone.
Would 2 our time work for you all? We have a breakfast with the Greenwalls at 11. We will be at the Pattons to Skype.

 2.  How big is the ward you are in?  How many towns do you cover?
We are about 90 by 70 miles. There are two main towns we visit often. We are like 3 hours from the mission office. We can drive for about two hours to get to bigger meetings in our stake.

3.  How many missionaries are in your ward?
We have a set of sisters and us.

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