Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was an interesting week. We didn't have a car for most of the week since it was in the body shop getting the dent pulled out, that we got last December.

Monday was the first p-day so it is joint zone p-day but it was canceled since someone had set up for an activity in the stake center. We just came to our building. We had dinner with the Rabations and talked a lot about the bishop’s storehouse. They work there every Wednesday and Thursday. After dinner we went to the hospital and gave Angelo’s wife a blessing.

Tuesday we took the car in to get it fixed. Brother Dinning picked us up from the shop. He took us to our place to change into service clothes. He wanted our help since they had a water leak and need to empty the basement to get it fixed. We helped them for a couple of hours, with the help of the Sister missionaries we were able to move everything out. After that we help the Hibb’s move one of their daughters back into their house. We were able to then get to work doing missionary work.

Wednesday we were able to use the Sister’s car. They had a ride taking them up north. The weather wasn't nice, there was ice and snow during the day. I was grateful for the use of their car with it being to cold. We found a new investigator named Chris and he has some friends in the Second ward that are members. He is already reading from the Book of Mormon. Brother Wykert went with us that evening. We went to see some people real far out in the middle of nowhere. 

Thursday we walked a lot. We tracted and found some new investigators. The weather was so nice we didn't need coats. We were able to meet with Brother Glenn and his wife. We had a good visit with them.

Friday was zone training and the zone leaders picked us up for that. It was about using the members to find people to teach. We all went out to eat together afterwards.   We went to a Japanese hibachi grill place. It was an interesting experience watching the person cook the food right in front of you trying to make you laugh.  We got our car back in the evening. We saw the Davidsons and watched “Finding faith in Christ” with them. They enjoyed the movie and so did we.

Saturday we went to the hospital and saw a lot of people. We gave a lot of blessings. We spent like 3 hours there. We tracted even more and talked with lots of people and gave away lots of Books of Mormon. We went over to the Dinnings to wish Sister Dinning a happy birthday, and to see how Shanna was doing. With us not having a dinner we went to Ihop with Shanna and Jessica the youngest of the Dinning kids. We were able to answer her questions about baptism and the priesthood.

Sunday we move our clock ahead an hour. We had lots of meetings before church. Church was good; most of it was on missionary work. I taught Sunday school since Sister Dinning and Shanna had to go to work for the day. We had a great evening trying to see people. 

I am doing great and having a great time in St Joe.  There is lots of work to do here. Thanks for the letters and the support.

Elder Benjamin Allen

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